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White Bear.  Have you ever noticed it on your travel map?

Look carefully at the background of the photo. What do you see? Empty lots and an old dilapidated building. Now you’re probably asking yourself, “why would White Bear be considered as a GoHere Destination?” That’s what I thought as we turned west off of Highway 4 just north of Kyle, SK and traveled down the secondary highway toward the community of White Bear.

“Trust me,” my good friend and driver for this excursion had said. I trusted her, I have heard enough people talk about it before. In fact, I don’t think I would be hard pressed to say that it is famous. However, as she turned into town, and parked in front of the White Bear Hotel my skepticism increased rather than being relieved.

This post has little to do with the village and more to do with the Hotel. If you read the recent post about the Redmond House Bed and Breakfast, the Aesthetics of this Hotel’s Restaurant are the exact opposite.

The decorations could best be described as gaudy and consist of talking deer heads, an over abundance of Christmas Lights, walls covered in darkened wood paneling and flashy chandeliers.

It took a moment for my eyes to adjust to the darkened interior. Then it struck me, this place is nearly full. Beside us a table filled with an extended family excitedly chatted, A group of young 20-somethings, presumably from Swift Current, wandered in behind us, In the corner near the front local farmers enjoyed a cold brew on a hot summers day and a middle aged couple ventured in displaying the same trepidation I felt.

My friend and I grabbed a booth along the well. And began to chat and catch up. It took a while before the owner/waiter even noticed we were there. I can forgive him for that. It is just him running the floor. Besides, the atmosphere was extremely laid back. You don’t venture to White Bear if you are in a hurry. You have to have every intention of settling in for an evening of easy conversation, cold beverages (please organize a designated driver, there are no taxi’s from White Bear) and a stomach so full you want to lean back and loosen a belt buckle.

There are a variety of dishes on the menu, however, I would recommend you stick to the good ole’ fashioned Pub Fare. The heaping plate of potato wedges, the wings and the burgers are so large you could probably cut it into 4 pieces and still feed your entire family.

One burger with a side of potato wedges is more than enough for two to share. But, you traveled all this way, go ahead and enjoy – after all, you only live once, it isn’t everyday you get to eat in White Bear.

How to GoHere:  If you are driving into Kyle on Highway 4 from the North turn right onto Secondary Highway 342. Stay on that highway, after 13 km you will reach White Bear. Or GoHere for a map.

Gotta Go?:  Notice that there are no pictures of the loo’s. The bathrooms are just that, bathrooms. There is a toilet that flushes, and sink with hot water and soap to wash up. Otherwise, they are pretty non-descript. If you are there for the evening feast it is inevitable that you will have to use them.

Good to Know:  

  • The locals informed me that the hotel recently underwent new ownership, however the new owner has kept the same mammoth sized portions that put White Bear on the culinary map.
  • If you’re into “dinner and a show” the Clearwater Drive-In is just down the highway at the point where you turn off.
  • Make a full day of it by going to the Thrift Store in Kyle on your way in.
  • And if you’re coming from Swift Current – don’t forget to honk at the Lone Tree.