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Read here as to why we wanted to brag just a little bit (okay a lot) about all the wonderful things both near and far.

Writing, photography and travelling are three things both Barb and Gail love to do, and we’ve decided to take the rest of the world along for the ride. We’re sharing our passion, and our experiences, both good and bad, about some of the places we’ve visited as we “GoHere”, there and everywhere. Giving you firsthand information to help you decide if you want to “GoHere” too – and if you do, what to expect when you “GetThere.”

Gail Kesslar
When writer Gail Kesslar moved to Saskatchewan in 2008, she had no idea what to expect, other than a place that was known for its flatness.  Little did she know, of all of the really cool things to see and do here, or of the total lack of flatness that exists in most of the province, especially in the Southwest.  But try as she might, she just couldn’t seem to get her Alberta and BC friends to buy into the idea of traveling here. Determined to get the word out, and share the secrets of the Southwest that she’s discovered, she looked for a project that would spread the news and found it right here at GoHere Destinations.  Along the way, she also found a wonderful job opportunity as the Executive Director for the Cypress Hills Destination Area, combining both her love of the area, and her love of telling people about it.  So, full disclosure, when you read Gail’s stuff, she’s going to be bragging about the wonderful people and places she gets to work with.

Barb Levorson
Barb’s passion for writing started on a cross-Canada road trip a couple of years ago. With her co-pilot and spiritual guide, Buddha Frog, by her side, she chronicled her journey for her friends and family, and her writing career was born. Buddha Frog’s appearance had a surprising resonance with her readers, and he now proudly accompanies Barb on her travels.  With her two daughters, she loves to write about her adventures and misadventures on the road, and the personal inspiration that appears at the most unexpected times.  Barb also teaches music and piano in her home studio, and the creative energy of music and sound, and sometimes silence, nourishes the heart and soul of her work.

Gail Kesslar and Barb Levorson of GoHere Destinations

Gail (l) and Barb (r) hanging out at Loch Leven in the beautiful Cypress Hills #GoHere


8 thoughts on “About Us”

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  2. i think im going to enjoy this reading this sassy blog

  3. lol….Glad to meet you both!
    I have relatives in Moose Jaw and Melfort and driven through Sask. many times as a long haul driver and have.
    I love the way the skies swell and try to scare the bejeezus out of you before a storm!

    • Hi Liz – and they’ve been doing that A LOT this year! Let us know if you need any info about places to stop next time you drive thru – and keep on truckin!


    • Liz, if ever you require a place to stay in southern Sk, I have purchased a 1960’s high school and converted into an inn, Hodgeville Skool Inn & Hub. (hodgevillehub.ca) I have rooms and suites, gym, fitness centre and the old chemistry lab is a lecture room. Hodgeville is 30 minutes south of the #1 Highway just near Morse. 306-677-1200. Hope to hear from you. Gail Hapanowicz

  4. Gilles Laberge said:

    I promote Rural Saskatchewan Musicians and Artists and Art Galleries and Rural Events on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/ruralsaskheartbeat! I enjoy travelling and meeting new friends throughout Rural Saskatchewan!

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