Gotta Go?

Some of our Favourite Place to “GO”

Let’s face it – when you’ve “Gotta Go” you’ve gotta go.  The trouble when you’re travelling is that you never know just exactly what you’ll find when you do!  So at the bottom of each of our blog posts we’ve done our best to let you know where it is you’ll be going when you’ve “gotta go!”

As newfound bathroom connoisseurs, certain of those we’ve featured definitely rise to the top of the “Gotta Go” list – so below you’ll find (in our opinion) some of the prettiest/nicest bathrooms you’ll find in Southwest Saskatchewan!

(If you know of a great bathroom that people should know about – let us know and send us a picture and we’ll post it up here!)

The bathroom in the Star Cafe has an edgy look and feel to it that modernizes the bathrooms older shell. Clean and pristine!

The bathroom in the Cypress Hills Winery exudes the elegance and peacefulness of the winery itself. And fresh towels are not only elegant – but eco-friendly as well!

My favourite bathroom(s) to date are the ones at Ghostown Blues. Old world charm and “cowboy” fixtures mixed with modern fixtures and design. These are the bathrooms you would use when you stay in their Cabins or Sheepwagons and the two units come complete with gorgeous showers. 

Beautiful shower facilities await at Ghostown Blues

Another view – love the carpet!

The 2nd bathroom in Ghostown – this one also has a shower!

It also comes complete with great reading material!

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