The scenery is stunning in Grasslands National Park – one of the most silent places on the Earth – and Canada’s Darkest Dark Sky Preserve!

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Grasslands National Park, in southern Saskatchewan, Canada, is the natural home for beautiful yellow sweet clover. This painting, which I bought from Lise Perrault Grasslands National Park, southern Saskatchewan, Canada.
This is the natural home for beautiful yellow sweet clover.
I bought this painting from my friend Lise Perrault in 1987.
She and her husband ranched here before it was a national park.

Yesterday, I couldn’t say enough good things about sweet clover. The magic honey plant is just starting to bloom here in southern Alberta. In a few weeks, it will yield so much nectar that bees will plug supers with fine white honey. The sides of trucks will become sticky if driven through dense waysides flushed in blooming sweet clover. It has been like that for over 50 years here in western Canada.

In yesterday’s enthusiastic blog post, I wrote that sweet clover nectar is among the richest in fructose and glucose of all nectar and among the most generous plants that nourish bees. I even included a short story about…

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