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It’s baaaaccckkk!  The Clearwater Drive-In is back for another fun-filled summer, officially opening TODAY for the season!  Whether you’re looking for a unique family experience, a place to hang out with the gang, or a private place to spend time with that someone special, drive-in’s have been a part of North American culture since the 50’s and we’re oh, so lucky here in the southwest to have one of our very own!

A single screen experience that’s been in operation continuously since 1957, except for one brief month-long closure in 1987 when a tornado-like wind ripped the original screen to shreds, and a replacement had to be quickly sourced, the Clearwater drive-in, has a quaint little snack shack, complete with the requisite hot buttered popcorn.

In addition to the concession stand, many of the other original outbuildings and structures are still in use at Clearwater, though the old fashioned speakers that use to crackle and hang on the cracked open driver-side window have long since been replaced, by a feed that runs through your vehicle’s FM radio.

Pre-show, the kids can have fun playing at the park located at the front under the screen, or just meeting and hanging with all the kids that run around in their pajamas. And don’t worry there’s plenty of time to grab some snacks and head to the bathroom if you get there mid to early evening as most shows don’t start till dusk.

If you’re camping at the Saskatchewan Landing, at nearby Clearwater Lake, or just want to do something different on a Saturday night while in Swift Current head on down for some good old fashioned summer fun!

Here’s the line-up for the movies the Clearwater is offering in the first couple of months. To see the rest of their summer line-up so that you can plan accordingly visit their website at: http://clearwaterdrivein.com/

How to Get There: You’ll find the Clearwater Drive-in just 2 miles north and 1/2 mile east of Kyle, located on Hwy 4 from Rosetown to Swift Current. It’s easy to spot as you are able to see the large screen off in the distance from the highway. Check it out on this map.

 What to Bring:

1) Unlike most theatres you can bring in your own snacks, which is great for those on restrictive diets, but it’s just not the full drive-in experience if you don’t head into the concession, plus it helps to support this little theatre and make sure it’s around for a long time!

2) Definitely don’t forget to bring the mosquito repellent – LOTS and LOTS of repellent. Bathe in it if you must. Depending on whether the spring is a wet one or a dry one, determines just how many bites will be taken out of your hide – but trust me, there’s will be some and probably lots!

3) A ball, glove, frisbee, some sort of pre-show activity. Let’s face it, half the fun of going to the drive-in is all the stuff you do pre-show, so bring a few things to amuse yourself, or head on over to the park and play.

4) Blankets and Pillow – what’s the fun of going to the drive-in if you’re not all comfy cozy?

5) Lawn chair – whether it’s just for the pre-show activities, or to sit out and watch the show itself on a beautiful summer night if the mosquito population happens to be behaving themselves, you may not actually use it, but it’s good to have on hand just in case.

6) A contingency plan. Grumpy kids the next day are no fun. If the kids are settling in to watch, or can’t seem to drift off to sleep, there’s no shame in packing it in before the show is over – just be sure to skulk out stealthily with your lights off, so as not to disturb the other movie-goers.

7) A flashlight. The trips to the bathroom or the concession are not fun if you’re tripping over things. Bring a small flashlight just in case it’s a particularly dark and cloudy night and you can’t guide yourselves by stars alone.

When Not to Visit: Rain, believe it or not, is not necessarily an automatic “don’t go” – thunder and lightning, while it might be hard to see the show – you’ll equally enjoy the one put on my mother nature!

Gotta Go?: I’m not going to lie, the washrooms leave much to be desired. A step above a full-on outhouse, but way below a modern convenience, they’re creaky and were probably built in 1957. The spiders call it home. Just get in, get out, and don’t shine the flashlight around to much. What you don’t know won’t hurt you.

Nice to Know: Costs for the Drive-In are as follows: Ages 16 and up: $8.00. Ages 13-15 $6.00. Ages 11-12 $4.00. Kids 10 and Under – FREE! And Seniors are $6.00

Who to Contact: 306-375-2640 for their fully-automated information line, or visit them at http://www.clearwaterdrivein.com/