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The Dairy King located in Swift Current

There are few things that inspire more home-town passion in people than their summer ice-cream shop.  With eager anticipation opening day is awaited, it’s grand opening the trumpet that spring has truly arrived, and with sadness it’s closing day heralds the last days of summer.

Such is the case with the Dairy King in Swift Current, a local ice cream shop that my family and I can easily walk to, as is our habit on warm summer evenings.  Here, ice cream treats both great and small greet us as our appetites allow, and the occasional asked-for experiment is greeted with gracious acceptance, instead of the cynically raised eyebrows I’ve received from many other ice cream shops.

You see, for years I had been on a quest, wandering the countryside (or at least 3 provinces within it) in search of an ice cream vendor willing to recreate the treat I had so loved in my university days at the University of Alberta. Named a “Get-A-Load-of-This” the treat was a to-die for combination of both hard and soft ice creams that, until the Dairy King, no one was willing to try and recreate for me.

To build a “Get-a-Load-of-This” you start with a long ice cream cornet (not the short squat ones), or failing that a waffle cone, that gets filled to the brim with creamy, swirly soft serve.

Next, you head to the cooler, where, if your ice cream shop is truly a contender, you will find a cornucopia of hard ice cream flavours to choose from.

Picking your favourite flavour (Rolypoly tops my list), it is then generously scooped overtop of the soft, where the soft can ooze out the sides,   captured, and swept up to surround the scoop.

The piece-de-resistance comes in the final layer of soft ice cream which is poured overtop and draped downwards

Once finished, I think you’ll agree, a “Get-A-Load-Of This” more resembles an Olympic torch than an ice cream confection, and it takes someone with a hardy (and empty) stomach to be able to finish one.  But you’ll always remember the sweet combination and the best of both ice cream worlds that can be found there. At least I’ve always remembered it and I’m so grateful to have had a chance to experience it again, thanks to the Dairy King.

Everyone has their favourite summer ice cream shop, and Dairy King is mine.  As summer looms and ice cream shops creak open all around the southwest, we’d  like you to weigh in.  Where (in your opinion) is the BEST place to go to get Ice Cream in the southwest?  Where have your most tastiest memories of summer been made?

Leave us a comment, and we’ll go check it out ...let the Ice Cream Wars begin!

How to Get There:  The Dairy King is located on the south side of the Central Ave underpass in Swift Current.  If travelling eastwards towards Moose Jaw on the Trans Canada, take the Central Ave exit, and as you sidle up to the Best Western Hotel, make a left into their parking lot, and you’ll see it nestled at the far side.

If coming from the other direction heading westward, take the first off ramp into Swift Current, and head up the service road, past the Mall, past the Casino, onwards and upwards to the lights at the corner of the Wheatland (Co-op) Mall.  Make a left at the lights, head under the overpass, and make your first right at the lights, with another quick right into the parking lot.  At that point you can’t miss it.

What to Bring:  A hardy appetite if you’re going for one of their larger treats like the Get-A-Load-of-This and enough money to possibly make a stranger’s day with a random act of kindness that sees you buying their treat as well!

When Not To Visit:  Like most season ice cream places, our time with them is so brief, while they are open I recommend going every chance you get.  Ice Cream tastes just as good (and sometimes better) in the rain but be prepared to possibly eat in your car as there is limited seating inside.

Gotta Go?   Then you’re in luck!  The Dairy King has a clean serviceable bathroom for patrons to use.

Good To Know:  Come for the ice cream – stay for the mini golf.  The Dairy King also has a fun little mini golf accessible through the shop.  Prices are reasonable for a family, and you can even watch for specials that give you ice cream and golfing combinations.

One final thing…seeing as my family were the ones to give them the great idea for the Get-A-Load-of-This – the treat is also sometimes referred to as “The Kesslar Special” and if you ask for it as such, you’re sure to get a smile from Randi or any of the other Dairy King gang!