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Unlike me, my nephew Sean Roberts LOVES Zombies and passed it onto my kids.

Those who know me, know I’m not a big fan of horror movies.  I know, I know, I’m in the minority here – but I put it down to a weak nervous system.  I hate jumpy-outy things.  The movie I Am Legend with Will Smith?  Yeah…I nearly died with all the zombie thingies jumping out.  Blair Witch Project?  Yeah…my nephew nearly died.  I was grabbing his leg and squeezing so hard, I think I cut off all the circulation in it.  He still walks with a limp today.

So when I heard there was going to be a Zombie movie made here in Swift Current called Zombageddon I thought…”Cool. But not really my cup of tea.”


“Zombageddon” The Movie – by Dead Prairies Productions

Then I met the makers of Zombageddon, and slowly but surely started to come around to thinking I might see it.  Maybe.  See Zombageddon isn’t just ANY movie – it’s a movie with a cause.  And all proceeds from the movie will go to support the Swift Current S.P.C.A.  What’s not to like about that?!

Bob Taylor, Devon Oman, and Logan Demorest (aka “Those Zombie Guys”) had all been horror movie buffs themselves for years – but after watching one particularly bad one, they figured they could make one better.  And so this summer that’s exactly what they did.

Enlisting the aid of some of Swift Current’s theatrical royalty including award-winning Playwright Wendy Lockman who took their original 50-page script and added plenty more pages and polish; actor extraordinaire Brian Dueck who added his directorial skills (despite being close to Zombie-like himself earlier this summer); Swift Current’s dynamic terror team The Redneck Betties; and many more familiar faces of the Southwest, “Those Zombie Guys” managed to pull together a low-budget, big-hearted film.  Just how many?  Well I think at last look there were nearly 100 zombie extras joining the main cast of 15 – and that’s not including crew members.  They’ve even got musicians from the Southwest chiming in for the event.


You can imagine how jumpy me reacted when my daughter arrived home looking like THIS!

Still…really? Zombies?  I love dogs and the S.P.C.A. but could I really make myself stomach a movie with Zombies?  I was still waffling when the signing of yet another cast member put me over the edge….my own daughter.

Yes, unlike me, she and my son are both made of stronger stuff, and when she signed up to be one of the many extras I knew my waffling days were over.  I would have to “woman up” and head to my first ever Zombie movie.  Partly, because I love my kid, partly because I love dogs, partly cause I really enjoyed meeting and interviewing two of the three makers of the movie (Devon Oman and Bob Taylor) who I completely believe when they say they’re not making this movie for personal gain (100% of the ticket sales will go to the S.P.C.A.), and partly because I think creativity and the Arts should be supported as much as possible – even when it makes your skin crawl or conversely makes you jump out of it.

In the interview I did with them for a magazine article I wrote the pair said:

 Our goal is not to make money personally, or just to get our names out there,” says Taylor.  “We’re simply trying to make a difference and show some love to the S.P.C.A.  If we can have some fun at the same time by making the movie,” adds Taylor, “that’s all that really matters to us.

I liked that.  I liked them.  Will I like the movie?  Well…that remains to be seen – but would I #GoHere – you bet!


My daughter the Zombie!

How to GoHere:  Zombageddon will have it’s premiere October 31st, 2012 at the Sky Centre adjacent to the Living Sky Casino…you can’t miss it – it’s right off the Trans Canada Highway.

Gotta Go:? When you get something scared out of you – there are conveniently located, beautifully appointed, his and her bathrooms just outside the Sky Centre’s doors leading into the Casino.

Good to Know:

  • Tickets are only $7 and are available at Creative Video and Pharmasave (if not sold out there may even be some at the door).
  • Zombageddon isn’t just a movie – it’s an event – and there will be prizes for the  Scariest Costume and the Best Zombie Costume.
  • If you’re sad that you’ll be missing Trick or Treating – don’t be – they have candy bags ready for all movie goers!
  • Yes kids can come…but only if they bring a grown-up. (How can kids take this stuff when I can’t??).
  • The community has really come together for this, and there are a TON of Door Prizes available:  Eden’s Apple, Sputtergotch Toys, Tare N’Wear, Good Vibe Tatoo, Creative Video, Pizza Hut, Boston Pizza, Innovation Credit Union, Jackson Designs, TJ’s Pizza, Scotiabank, Empire Clothing, Fabutan, Investors Group…the list goes on and on and on….
  • There is a special guest cameo in the movie by Lloyd Kaufman who directed the Cult Classic The Toxic Avenger.
  • T-shirts for $20 have even been made for the movie – designed by Jason Dopko (these and other merchandise can be found: http://www.zombageddonsc.com/merchandise.html
  • Once the movie is over – they’re hoping to take it on the road – but say they’ll have DVD’s available to purchase out in mid-November.  Visit them on their Facebook Page at:  www.facebook.com/Zombageddon to find out when, where and how much.
  • Still a scaredy cat like me?  Watch the Trailer to see what you’ll be missing if you DON’T #GoHere