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What’s in a name? In the case of Climax, it is a bit of a contradiction. Unless you are a making a point of visiting all the place in Saskatchewan with unusual names (I digress for a moment to send you to a post-census article written for CBC online) the Village of Climax is more of a GoHere pit stop than a GoHere destination.  Located along the scenic Frenchman River Valley, Highway 37 is bumpy and rough in areas, but overall a good highway to drive. As you clear the prairie plateau, a little farm the bottom of the valley gives the descent a touch of rustic character.

I love the contrast of this moment. As you descend into the valley you can clearly see the prairie plateau waiting to great you on the other side.

Most likely, you will end up in Climax because are following Highway 37 South of Shaunavon on your way to Grasslands National Park which is 35 kilometers East of the Village.

Photo courtesy of Museum Attractions of Saskatchewan

We arrived too late to check out the Climax Community Museum. According to the Museum Association of Saskatchewan (just click on the image to view more information) the museum is open daily from 10 a.m. to noon and 1 – 5 pm throughout May, June, July and August.

Genealogists may find it interesting that the Museum has an obituary database & profile of 485 people of Climax & area.

Train enthusiasts may also find it worth their time to check out the 1915 steam engine. If you have seen it, we appreciate your comments.

Climax is only about 15 minutes from the Montana Border.

Like many communities hugging the US/Canada border, there is no shortage of opportunities for great photos of sunsets, ghost towns, grain elevators, landscapes and wildlife. You just need to venture off the highway, take some gravel roads and explore 

How to Get There:

You will end up in Climax if you head South off the TransCanada Highway at Gull Lake, drive west from Grasslands National Park or take the scenic route from Maple Creek. View this map.

What to Bring:

If you are traveling the scenic route from Maple Creek to Grasslands, make sure you fill up your tank with fuel and check your oil at the larger community centers. There are service stations in the area, experiencing car troubles will definitely put a damper on this road trip.

When Not to Visit:

Outside of regular business hours. There are only a few businesses/amenities available on Sunday.

Gotta Go?

My bet is the Climax Community Museum or the Climax Tavern. I didn’t check out either of them.

Good to know

You can read about the history of Climax called, “Prairie wool: a history of Climax and surrounding school districts” online. It was written in 1980, but a History buff like myself always finds the tidbits of information interesting. For example, when several thousand American First Nations people fled to Canada in 1876 after the Battle of the Little Big Horn in Montana many of them camped along the White Mud River (Frenchman River) just to the North of present day Climax. Today there is only a very small First Nations population in the Southwest corner of Saskatchewan.

Who to Contact:

Climax Community Museum: Phone: (306) 293-2051