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One of the many great trails around Lake Diefenbaker, the Rings, Ruts and Remnants Interpretive Trail gives you an overview of some of the history surrounding Sask Landing.  Since the Landing was a much used crossing point on the South Saskatchewan River, this trail gives you a glimpse into the lives of the people who lived and traveled here.

The trail offers up teepee rings, rock cairns, remnants of homesteads, cart ruts, survey markings, and even graves.

How to Get There:

Travel down Highway 4 until you descend into the valley that holds Lake Diefenbaker. On the south side of the bridge, across from the Goodwin House rest area, you’ll see a small dirt road with the sign shown above.  Continue heading up the road, alongside the lake.  Eventually you’ll see this.

Don’t worry, they don’t mean you…you can still go by with your car or truck – just look out for cows that sometimes do amble across the pathway.

You’ll know you’ve come to the trail-head when you come to a parking lot with this sign,

You’ve arrived!  The trail is about 2.6 kms long, and will probably take you just over an hour to do if you take your time and meander as you should.  It’s a great clear-cut trail, with the occasional hill, but still good for kids who walk or are backpacked in (sorry, it’s not really stroller terrain, unless you have all-wheel drive).

What to Bring:

Definitely bring some water, especially on a hot day, and a hat to protect you from the sun.  There is no shelter here, so you’re completely exposed to the elements and a lack of trees for shade.  Bring a snack or a picnic and make it an event.

When Not to Visit:

Cold would probably be the only thing stopping you on this trail.  I don’t know if I’d want to do it in winter.

Gotta Go?

For your hiking convenience, just down the road from the trail-head you’ll find an old-fashioned rustic outhouse (just like the pioneers used to use!).  This one is surrounded by a gate to keep the critters and varmints out, and is a bit of an IQ test to try and get in.  And once in…you’ll want to get out pretty darn quick.  Though as outhouses go, it’s really quite clean.