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The Cypress Hills Destination is swiftly becoming the place to go for everything you could want in a holiday and once you’re there I’m sure you’ll agree – it’s a Saskatchewan you wouldn’t expect.

Feel the History – at a visit to Fort Walsh the site of the Cypress Hills Massacre, wandering the Frenchman River Valley and the Red Coat Trail, or hunting for fossils like Scotty the T-Rex, in Eastend.

Enjoy the Relaxation – Sit around a campfire at any of the Cypress Hills campgrounds, walk the many trails and enjoy the scenic vistas, sleep in a comfy bed at the Redmond House Bed and Breakfast or the Cypress Hills Inn and Resort, or listen to some great blues at the Ghostown Blues.

Taste the Flavour of the Southwest – at places like the Star Cafe, the Rockin Horse Cookhouse and Grill, the Redmond House Bed and Breakfast, or the Cypress Hills Winery.

Experience the Adventure – at Cypress Hills EcoAdventures for some ziplining and rock climbing fun, at the Great Sandhills for some summertime tobogganing, driving the Eco Road Tour on a wildlife Safari at Grasslands National Park, or as a cowboy for a day riding at the Historic Reesor Ranch.

See for yourselves ……

How to Get There:

The Cypress Hills Destination Area is a VERY large area – but start at the Town of Maple Creek – and either head up to the Centre (camping area) or West Block (Fort Walsh) of the Cypress Hills, and keep on exploring.  Thankfully Maple Creek is easy enough to find as it is right off the Trans Canada – once there, follow this map to get to the Cypress Hills Centre Block.

What to Bring:

Depending on the kind of experience you’re looking for you can bring everything from a taste for wine, an RV for camping, a thirst for knowledge and history, or a cushion to ease the pain of a long day of horseback riding.

When Not to Go: 

Mostly only a summer destination in the past, with so many new businesses and services popping up, the Cypress Hills is swiftly becoming a winter destination as well…we’ll keep you posted as the season change on what there is to see and do.

Gotta Go:

Again – depending on the experience you’re looking for you’ll find everything from the snazzy red and black bathroom of the Star Cafe, to a bush on the side of the road!

Good to Know:

The Cypress Hills isn’t a place, it’s a very large and spread out area – and as such, travel times between some of the locales can be great.  If you’re camping in the Centre Block, and you’re looking to go outside the park itself to visit the Winery, Fort Walsh or the T-Rex Discovery Centre, know that you’ve got at least a half an hour or more journey ahead of you and plan accordingly for gas, food, and time.