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Daily Grind Maple Creek

Coffee from the Mad Hatter Coffee Roastery in nearby Medicine Hat lines both the shelves and the coffee cups at the Daily Grind

Looking to spend some time with a friend from Medicine Hat over the February break, we decided we would meet each other halfway in Maple Creek.  Running behind, as I usually am, she called me as I was enroute to tell me that she’d arrived earlier than expected, and would just meet me at the Tim Horton’s.

Ha!  I told her she’d be waiting a long time…seeing as Maple Creek is probably one of the last community holdouts in North America to not boast a Tim’s. (It’s kind of funny that as Canadians we’re just so used to them being everywhere that we don’t even question whether or not a town has one).

Daily Grind Maple Creek

Service is always with a smile and very friendly.

No, instead of the usual cookie cutter coffee staple that Tim’s can offer up, Maple Creek is fortunate to have something better…much better.  They’ve got the Daily Grind, a great little cafe that I instructed my friend to meet me at.

To my way of thinking, one of the biggest hallmarks of whether a not a community falls under the category of “civilized” is whether or not I am able to find a decent latte within it.  If my afternoon lulls can be picked up with a tasty vanilla latte, a community automatically gets my elevated esteem.  And if they could offer a cinnamon bun to go along with that latte…well, my praise would know no bounds!

Daily Grind Maple Creek

The new/old space for the Daily Grind, offers patrons a lot more elbow room

When I first stumbled upon the Daily Grind, I was charmed by how cute and colourful it was, and how great they could make my favourite latte taste. Originally housed in a much smaller building, that at best could fit only 3 or 4 small round tables (with Al fresco seating during the summer months on the adjacent sidewalk), it was cute but definitely cramped, especially considering the added kitchenware and cooking spices they offered for sale.  I don’t know how long it took for them to realize it might not be big enough for how popular it would grow, but one only has to have experienced one hyper-cold Canadian winter, to know that small spaces and big bulky coats don’t exactly mix well.

Daily Grind Maple Creek

Household good and gifts line the shelves as part of the Cobblerock Creek giftware aspect of the new Daily Grind

To solve this dilemma, owner Tina Cresswell (yes, the same Tina who also owns Maple Creek’s Star Cafe with her husband Dave), decided to move the Daily Grind next door, into the space occupied by yet another entrepreneurial venture of hers, Cobblerock Creek Gifts.  And I have to admit, it was a smart move on her part.  Not only would regular coffee goers, have some much needed elbow room, but her gift store, would also have a whole new level of traffic.  Let’s face it, how many times have you walked into a cafe/gift store combo, with the intent of simply going for an afternoon latte, only to leave with that thing you weren’t really shopping for, but somehow now couldn’t live without? Or that birthday gift you’d been meaning to buy? It was a brilliant idea, that at first glance, seems to have paid off.

Daily Grind Maple Creek

Kitchen ware, flavourings and spices are all part of parcel of the store’s offerings.

We visited when the move into their new digs was less than a week old. Spacious and full of life and light, the new Daily Grind has 5 or 6 much larger tables, that can comfortably sit four.  And with the new panini’s and sandwiches they’ll soon be serving to complement their coffee and fabulous baking, their new tables are the perfect size to hold all the food you’ll soon pile on them.

Nothing is better than meeting a friend for coffee, and having the ability to beat out the daily grind of life, with the Daily Grind of Maple Creek, makes it taste all the sweeter.

How to GoHere: Located at 132 Jasper Street in Maple Creek, travelling off the Trans Canada, you head into Maple Creek, make a right at Pacific Avenue, and then make a left at Jasper Street.  Just down the street, about a half a block up, you’ll see the sign for the Daily Grind on your left.  Or you can follow the map  here

Gotta Go?: Let’s face it the building is old.  That’s part of its beauty and its charm…the bathroom is no different. Small yet clean – what more can you ask for?

Good to Know: 

  • Daily Grind, Maple Creek

    A Daily Grind cinnamon bun – Yum!

    The baking at the Daily Grind, (especially the cinnamon buns), is simply to die for.  So much so, that when the full-time baker left the Star, the Daily Grind’s part-time baker, was asked to head over to the Star and spread her magic around.  Now she serves the needs of both!

  • The newly expanded panini and sandwich aspect of the Daily Grind, isn’t just any food.  It’s food prepared in the kitchens of the Star Cafe, by none other than the infamous Chef Noy, which will be transported fresh daily to the Daily Grind.
  • Daily Grind Maple Creek

    Not just for coffee lovers, the Daily Grind also has a wide selection of specialty teas

    Latte’s and speciality coffees aren’t the only hot beverage choices available, the Daily Grind also has a wide selection of herbal teas to choose from.

  • Daily Grind Maple Creek

    There’s a wide array of children toys and accessories

    The children’s section of the giftware, not only has beautiful baby gifts, and educational toys, it also has some less expensive goodies that can be purchased to keep a toddler amused while you try and enjoy your break from the daily grind at the Daily Grind, or if you’re camping at the Park and you’ve hit a patch of bad weather that’s got you trailer-bound.