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“They all just have that special feeling to them, that allows them to stand out in a store and give me a bit of an edge when competing with a larger chain-type stores.” – Mark Anderson

As a full-time Mom, and part-time cheerleader (albeit without the short skirt or pompoms), my support of my kid’s sports sometimes takes me to places I’ve never even heard of, yet alone been.  An awesome tourism opportunity for both me and the places I happen to wander into.  This past volleyball season, I found myself in Vanguard, Hodgeville,  Fox Valley, Cabri, and Shaunavon – to name but a few.

Andersboda in Shaunavon

Next door to the historic Plaza Theatre lies Andersboda in Shaunavon

While in Shaunavon prior to the games starting (being Mom’s we had headed out before the boys to make sure the roads were safe), a fellow Mom and I decided to check out some of the local shopping experiences.  A tough job, but someone’s got to do it!  What we found was Andersboda; a quaint little shop with a lot of history – and a lot of unique items we had never before seen.  (And trust me, as dedicated shoppers, we have seen a lot!).

Talking to owner Mark, we learned that the store had actually once been a part of the historic Plaza Theatre next door, until it was renovated and turned into a barbershop and then jewelry and gift store owned previously by Herb and Leslie Goldstein. It was from the Goldstein’s that Mark purchased the store in April of 2011.  With the store came a treasurer even greater that that of the jewelry and gifts it housed – the cases that displayed 99% of the products.

Andersboda in Shaunavon

The beautiful display cases located in the store are originals from the 1930’s and possibly earlier.

Originally owned by Thomspons Jewelry, which had brought the cases with them when they opened their own store back in the 1930’s, Mark surmises that the cases are at least 100 years old, give or take a decade.

Andersboda in Shaunavon

The cases, originally from Thompson Jewelers, are as beautiful as the items they display

Equally as beautiful are the items that Mark chooses to fill each of the cases with.  Hand-picked from across Canada – Mark says he looks to Canadian-made products not only to support Canadian companies, but also because of how “fresh and unique” the lines are, as well as the quality he sees in them in both manufacturing and design.

Andersboda in Shaunavon

Mark Anderson demonstrates a wine aerator at his gift and jewelry shop Andersboda in Shaunavon

“They all just have that special feeling to them, that allows them to stand out in a store and give me a bit of an edge when competing with a larger chain-type stores.  When choosing pieces and lines to carry I always make sure I stock items that have a real eye-catching appeal to them, that will make people say “oooh, that’s something I’ve never seen before.”

Andersboda in Shaunavon

Anodized Aluminum jewelry pieces by Jon Klar (the ones I looked at an said “ooh I’ve never seen this before.”

Some of the eye-catching lines Mark carries include:

Mark also carries a whole line of specialty kitchenware items, from dishes to pots and pans and beautiful glassware.

Andersboda in Shaunavon

Stunning glassware by a Canadian designer

Whether you live in Shaunavon, head there occasionally for business, sports or other kid-oriented activities, or you’re just looking for a girl’s day out and an excuses to go shopping – you’d do well to stop in at Andersboda and check out this wonderful little store.

Pssst:  I got one of my husband’s Christmas presents here – and if you see him – don’t tell.  Though if he asks you what you think he should get me for Christmas DO tell him that I REALLY liked the Jon Klar Anodized Aluminum bangles!  So if he’s looking for Christmas ideas for me – tell him to #GoHere.

How to GoHere:  Shaunavon is about an hour’s drive from Swift Current, just South of Gull Lake at the Highway Junction of #1 and #37 or you can follow the Map here. Once in Shaunavon just head into town and head over to Centre Street – you can’t miss the shop nestled next to the Plaza Theatre.

Good to Know:

  • Andersboda in ShaunavonBetter than any Wal-Mart Greeter is Mark’s dog – Elsa.  A quiet gentle soul – she particularly likes scratches on the belly. (who doesn’t?).
  • Mark Anderson was born and raised in Shaunavon, and after years of ranching and farming decided to give up the “glamourous” life of a rancher and trade it in for life as an entrepreneur, which despite it’s steep learning curve, Mark says is one he’s glad he made.
  • Mark loves that he was able to start this new adventure while still living in his hometown – as the appeal of big city living is something he finds he lacks.
  • The word “Andersboda” is a hybrid of Mark’s last name “Anderson” and the Swedish word “Boda” for “place” or “home.”
  • Like Mark, if you like the idea of buying Canadian Made products – there’s an entire website devoted to the idea which lists the Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Buy Canadian First:  http://www.buycanadianfirst.ca/en/why-buy-canadian-first
  • Polar Bear Diamonds (like those in the designs of Ice 925) are also known as Conflict Free Diamonds which unlike their counterparts known as “Blood Diamonds” are not mined in war zones to fund warlords and insurgent activity.  Yet another great reason to buy Canadian.