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Every so often a new idea will come along that just blows you away…Somewhere, SK is one of those ideas for me.  The project is the brain child of Carrie Catherine and Kelly Jo Burke, who together and separately have worked on a ton of projects here in Saskatchewan all with the idea of building a better, more vibrant community.  Where some people will describe some of the lesser populated areas of Saskatchewan as the “Middle of Nowhere” – these two crow from the tops of their lungs that it’s the Middle of Somewhere!  And nowhere more are they crowing that commitment than with their latest project – Somewhere, SK.

Here in the Southwest we have a number of communities whose empty buildings, low populations and outright abandoned buildings are just waiting for new life to be breathed into them – a project like this can help to breathe that life.  We also love that the City of Swift Current‘s Lyric Theatre, and Maple Creek’s Ghostown Blues are featured in this project, two of our favourite GoHere Destinations.  Here then, in Carrie’s own words is the description of the project – but more than just hoping to get you excited about seeing the production, I’d also like to encourage you to contribute to the project.  Something that doesn’t come without it’s own rewards:  GoHere to see the website and the long list of levels of contributions there are and the rewards that go with them:


Join me, Carrie Catherine, on a journey to “Somewhere, SK”

“Join me, Carrie Catherine, on a journey to “Somewhere, SK”—a play that I’ve created with the award-winning and totally lovely playwright Kelley Jo Burke. She wrote words. I wrote songs. And together we sculpted a piece of theatre/music about an abandoned, decrepit, small prairie town that gets discovered and transformed into a vibrant place where artists thrive and voices sing.

We’re raising money to make a record and put on a production of “Somewhere, SK” at Dancing Sky Theatre—a community hall renovated into a theatre that has reinvigorated the cultural scene in the small town of Meacham. When you contribute to this project, you become part of this story of renewal, community, and music! You’ll get rewards: music, jewelry, art from an amazing community of artists and collaborators. Or you could sing on the album. I’ll serenade your lover! Check out the possibilities on the side of your screen!

“Somewhere, SK” is inspired by all the hidden gems across the province where we’ve toured and performed. Our friends at Routes Gallery, The Happy Nun, The Lyric, The Hayloft, Regina’s Creative City Centre, the New Ground Cafe are all part of this story. And we will take this play on the road to even more prairie communities, integrating their story into ours and including them on our map of found places that celebrate the arts. The Ghostown Blues B & B, The Kerry Vickar Centre, The Artesian, The Bruno Arts Bank—be part of the story!

For video credits and pictures of our rewards, visithttp://www.carriecatherine.com


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