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One of the things I find most fascinating about venturing off the beaten path is the quirky gems you will often find in the middle of nowhere. In the Big Muddy Badlands, there are no shortage of gems. Stay tuned over the coming two weeks for a series of micro posts looking at a variety of sites in and around the Big Muddy Badlands.

For Example, Big Beaver, Saskatchewan, population 20 people according to 2011 census, and at least one person with a great sense of humour. Who else would sell these:

Ladies underwear for sale in Big Beaver, Saskatchewan.

There is only one place I know of to buy these panties and that is at Aust’s General Store, established in 1959. The best way I can of to describe it is as a Walmart in miniature.

Aust’s Store. If we don’t have it. You don’t need it

In one corner you will find your jars and pickling spices, maybe you need a snake to unclog your toilet, a leather shoulder strap for your riffle, and umbrella, a board game to buy for your children, a watering can, ice cream treat, a carefully detailed canister for your counter, or what about a jacket?

If you are exploring the Big Muddy Badlands and visiting more commonly known place like Castle Butte, make sure you plan on spending time digging in the Aust’s General Store. I can almost guarantee you that you won’t want to leave without something in your hands. I recently spent hours trying to find a large hula-hoop. It looks like I should have bought this one (pictured below) in Big Beaver, SK.

You can find a bit of everything at Aust’s General Store.

The exterior of Aust’s General Store.

Good to Know: 

You can also explore a nature museum in Big Beaver and learn more about the Outlaw trails and activities in the area.
Aust’s General Store is on facebook.
The store closes over lunch hour. From 12:00 – 1:00 p.m.
The hours of operation are:

Mon – Tue: 9:00 am 6:00 pm
Wed: 9:00 am 12:00 pm
Thu – Sat: 9:00 am 6:00 pm

Gotta Go:

There are public washrooms at the Campground. The washrooms appear dirty, most likely because of the minerals in the water. However, upon closer inspection are cared for and cleaned regularly and open for visitors. There is both men’s and women’s amenities in the Blue Building.





How to GoHere:

Once in Big Beaver it is hard not miss the store on Central Street.

Big Beaver, is located 28 km East of Coronach, SK follow Railway Avenue out of Coronoch heading East. This is Highway 18/36. Continue following signs for Highway 18 for 27 km. (If you reach the Highway 34 Junction, you have gone to far) Turn left. Drive about 1 km and you have arrived at Big Beaver, SK.

Check back soon for more posts about the Big Muddy Badlands, a part of Southern Saskatchewan famous for outlaw activities.