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Culture Days takes place from Sept 28-30th.

As Premiere Brad Wall mentioned recently in his interview with CTV Regina during their recent “Hometown Tour” stop in Swift Current:

The diversity of Swift Current has changed and that has made Swift Current better…

My good friend Gabby showing us the dances and costumes of her native Mexico at last year’s Culture Days.

Over the past few years we’ve seen a number of newcomers come to Swift Current and Saskatchewan as a whole, and what they have been able to share with us as a community when it comes to sports, art, music, dance and even food has been an incredible boon to an already rich array of culture offerings.

Tasting Indian Food prepared by Swift Current’s Husky Restaurant – who knew? (It was fantastic!)

Whenever people from my old stomping grounds in Alberta ask me what I think of living in a small city in Saskatchewan, (usually with a snicker), I always tell them how amazed I am that there are so many live community culture-related events that I have access to.  I would almost argue that there’s TOO many, because it pains me that I simply can’t get to them all.  That’s a good problem to have.

I have seen more live music in my nearly five years of living in the southwest than I have in all my other years of living elsewhere combined.  I’ve seen famous artists that I had never before heard of (ie. Ron Sexsmith is one such example), and I’ve experience new cultures through music and dance. (Though I’m still working on my Salsa moves).

The music of Africa filled the Lyric last year.

The Swift Current Comprehensive High School choir will be out busking at noon and will open up their doors so you can view a rehearsal.

Writing a story once about the Saskatchewan Arts Board, I was pleased and surprised to discover that Saskatchewan was the home of the first organized Arts Board in all of Canada, and set the mold for what others across the country would look like.  When I asked one of the founding members of the Saskatchewan Allied Arts Council, why Arts and Culture seemed to be so prevalent here in Saskatchewan, she laughingly told me “We have nothing better to do during the winter than to make music and art.”

Last year Swift Current’s Culture Days had over 30 events offered – the most events offered per capita across all of Canada.  This year there’s more than 38 in Swift Current alone, not to mention that the rest of the southwest has gotten involved as well.  From Gravelbourg, to Ponteix, Shaunavon to Maple Creek – there are a ton of events going on this weekend right across the board.  There’s simply no excuse for not checking at least one or two events out!

We here at GoHere have tried to make it easier for you to attend those events by listing them ALL on our Events tab at the top of this page.  Here you can see what community the event is offered in, where you can locate them, what time the event is on, and what you can expect to see if you GoHere.  You can also download the events directly to your own Google calendar – which can then sync directly to your smart phone, giving you a reminder that the event is going on.  And with so much to see and do – you’ll need those reminders to make sure you don’t miss a minute.

Famed Canadian Fashionista Jeanne Beker recently shared her own vision of CULTURE —

“Culture is the fashion in which we live and the way we see the world. It’s the way we dress and the way we dream. It’s both the fuel that helps ignite creativity and the fire that helps illuminate our society. Without it, we’d be lost, cold, and ultimately bored.”

Whether you’re checking out the local improv troupe at the Lyric Theatre or taking in the exhibits at Swift Current’s Art Gallery.  You’re learning about the culture of coffee at Urban Ground, or the skateboard culture at our local skateboard park, Culture is what you make of it.

This weekend plans to be a really active one for me – I’ll take in some Tai Chi and maybe even jump in; I’ll make my own contribution to the Growing Mural project being created by Poppy Parsons at Smart Flowers; and I’ll probably take in a portion of the sampler that the Lyric Theatre is offering, as well as the live music being provided by Joel Plaskett at the Lyric tonight.

I’m kind of glad I live in a place where Culture is so valued.  Thanks to all those who have fought for it over the years and who have worked so hard to make this weekend happen.

If you’re looking for Culture – GoHere.  Don’t believe me?  View some clips from last year’s Culture Days.

How to GoHere:  As mentioned there are a number of events happening throughout the southwest this weekend.  Check out our Events page here.

Gotta Go?:  You’ll be fine in buildings like the Lyric Theatre, the art galleries or any of the Museums, but if you head to some of the park located events, you may have to deal with a porta potty.  (Sorry about your luck!).

Good to Know:  

  • Out of the 200 + events happening across Saskatchewan – the Southwest has over a third of them.
  • There are a few events that have an admission fee to them – but on the whole everything listed is completely FREE.
  • Here’s an overview of the events planned in Swift Current alone…38 and counting!