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If you visited Swift Current last summer, you may have stumbled across a little thing downtown known as Market Square.

The brainchild of the City’s CAO Susan Motkaluk, it’s become the Heart of the City and a wonderful addition to the summer staples that Swift Current now offers.

It’s got….

live entertainment every Saturday so that music fills the air….

Used books from the Swift Current Library, smokies with fresh sauerkraut, freshly baked bread, and a whole host of amazing little arts and crafts.

Oh and don’t forget the miles of fresh locally grown produce (strawberries, potatoes, carrots, rhubarb – YUM!), provided by the Swift Current Farmer’s Market, the newest participant at Market Square with over 40 vendors.

Add in kids crafts, activities and face painting…and you’ve got just a hint of what Market Square has to offer.

If you’re looking for a great place to go on a Saturday afternoon, whether you’re from Swift and just kicking around town; you’re camping at Lac Pelletier or down at the Landing.  Heck – even if you’re an out of towner just driving through, Market Square in the heart of Swift Current’s downtown is definitely the place to be.  And now that they’ve got their new big tent up each weekend – regardless of the weather – you’ll know where to find them.

How to Go Here:  Swift Current is right on the Trans Canada highway so it’s easy enough to Go Here, and once here if coming from the West, (Medicine Hat/Maple Creek etc.), just take the Central Ave turnoff, and turn right at the lights next to the Best Western Hotel. (This is where it gets slightly weird).  Central then splits in two even though you didn’t switch streets, so that when heading South, you’re now on 1st Ave NW, follow it down all the way to Cheadle, make a left, and then make another left, back onto Central…just drive up the street a bit and you’ll see the gaggle of people.

If coming from the East (Moose Jaw/Regina), just take the second exit for Swift Current (it’s a road that turns into a service road and comes out at the Days Inn).  Drive down the service road, until you pass the Canadian Tire gas station (with a Smitty’s), and you can see the Co-op.  Turn left at the lights there, and then follow the directions above for making your way down 1st Ave NW/Central Ave.

Gotta Go:  You’re at the mercy of local shopkeepers here.  Thank goodness, there’s a Tim’s just up the street, and a great little coffee shop called Urban Ground directly across the street (2 shops over from the TD Bank).  The Lyric Theatre also has people from the Museum in it, (as they take down people’s oral histories), and I’m sure they’d let you scoot on in.

Good to Know:  The organizers of Market Square this year have organized 3 Theme Days – the first has already come and gone – but there’s still 2 left to catch:

July 14th – Cruizin’ – They’ve invited a number of car clubs to come out and show off their wonderful toys, great for the “big kids.”

August 25th – Trains Planes and Spaceships – looking to incorporate some of Swift Current’s heritage with the train yard, and the local Model RC Plane Club, Market Square will also possibly feature a Star Wars visitor or two to nicely tie in the Spaceship theme.  (Note:  Pssst…a little birdy told me there might be something UBER special that will be featured this day – so look for us on Facebook or Twitter, to let you know if will happen or not!).