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One of the reasons Elizabeth and I started this blog, was because we didn’t feel like Saskatchewan, particularly the Southwest, tooted it’s own horn loud enough.  So many people have no idea of some of the awesome things that go on around here – and those are the people that LIVE here!  Don’t even get me started on how little non-Saskatchewanians know about all that there is to see and do here.  Like me, (prior to moving here), all they know of Saskatchewan is that it’s flat (which it’s not!).

That’s why I was very excited to hear of the “We Wish You Were Here” Project which asked those of us who love Saskatchewan to let that love be known:

On June 15, 2012 we are going to rally the community to send a massive love letter from Saskatchewan to the world. It could be a photo, video, tweet, blog post, song, video or other medium you come up. Add your personalized message and the phrase #wishyouwerehere #saskatchewan and prepare to spread to the world. But, to make this happen we are going to need a flood of support. So get involved, and let’s get loud.

So this then …is my own….


Dear Saskatchewan;

I know we haven’t known one another long, our relationship though 4 years long, is still in its infancy.  We have so many things still to learn about one another.  But one thing I know for sure, I’m willing to explore.

Ours has not always been an easy relationship, your tendency to isolation, your sometimes small town thinking, and your resistance to change, often frustrates me, and makes me long for the big city lights of my home province.  But then, just when I think I’ll leave you, I see or experience something that makes me fall in love all over again, and wonder how I could have ever imagined leaving.

Things like your days of sunshine and warmth, and the incredible panorama’s you offer that simply take my breath away,…

Lake Diefenbaker

But I also love your darker side too, that stormy side when you let Mother Nature have full reign, proving that you still have the power to excite me.

Photo from Prairie Fire Photography: http://www.prairiefirephoto.com

My friends back home can’t see what I see in you, but then they also won’t take the time to get to know you.  They don’t know that you offer me up rich experiences in arts and culture, that I never found back home.  Since being with you, I’ve experienced more live music, art, and more theatre than I have in all the years of my previous life.

Jack Semple at the Lyric Theatre

Cypress Hills Winery – Photo by Life_in_Focus: http://www.flickr.com/photos/canadianlens/sets/

Dinner at the Star Cafe – Photo by: http://www.greatcanadianadventuretour.com

Whether we go out on the town to enjoy some wine, or a to-die-for meal, I always know I’ll have a good time, whenever we’re together.

RIDE THIS – Great Plains College, Swift Current

You’ve also instilled in me a love for football …

… with the world’s wackiest fans!

Kayaking with Carefree Adventures – Simmie

You appeal to my adventurous side and offer me opportunities I’ve never would have experienced had I not met you, …

Ziplining – at Eco Adventures in the Cypress Hills http://www.zipcypresshills.ca

Tubing on Lake Diefenbaker

…and you let me indulge in my fascination with camping and golfing, for which I am forever grateful, because you know how much I love camping and exploring the many places you have to offer, …

Golfing at Sask Landing – Lake Diefenbaker

…and you know how much I suck at golfing and need all the practice I can get.

Sure, over the years, we’ve had our differences.  But you’ve awakened in me a passion for you Saskatchewan that I never would have known existed, had I never met you.

Sunset in Cypress Hills
Lac Pelletier

At the end of the day, I don’t know whether you and I will be together for a lifetime, or  for just a brief interlude of time.  But know this, even if our relationship doesn’t stand the test of time, and life takes me elsewhere down the road, you’ll always hold a place in my heart. I love you and all that you bring to me and all that you have to offer.

Forever Yours,


Cypress Hills