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I grew up in Edmonton, and my first apartment was just off of Whyte Avenue in Old Strathcona, so I know Festivals.  It’s one of the things I thought I’d miss the most living in the Southwest.  Then came Windscape and Long Day’s Night, two of the best festivals in the world for the price of one! (Truly, for the price of one…because Windscape is FREE!)

(In this post I’ll look at Windscape first – and get to Long Day’s Night in the next one.)

Windscape is a great place to take kids…my grandgirls have a blast.  And this year they are sure to have more of the same.  Aside from the kites to watch, and the “learn how to fly a kite” lessons they can take, there’s a ton of crafts, activities (Zoe particularly liked the digging in the sand pile for treasure). There’s even a hay maze in true Saskatchewan style.

But it’s the performers that really make the day, both on the field and in the tent.  And this year it looks like they’ll be more of the same.

Main Stage Entertainment – At 11:00 am and 3:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday, the entire family can check out performances by three times Canadian Juggling Champion Robin Chestnut, for five tokens each.

As one of North America’s top Kite Festivals Windscape attracts a host of Celebrity flyers from around the world, and this year two German teams will make their Windscape debut.  A thrill for them as much as us, as Europe typically doesn’t have the kind of space we do, to really let their kites soar!

Alien – from Team “Think Big” Hamburg, Germany

Windscape will also see the introduction of KiteBoarding this year with the team from Explore Sports out of Regina.

If you’ve never been to Windscape what are you waiting for…it’s a ton of fun even if you just plunk down a camp chair and watch!  For those who like to camp, there’s plenty of places to camp nearby and make the trip in (think Lac Pelletier or Lake Diefenbaker), or camp right in town at one of the three campgrounds in town. (Ponderosa, City Campground at Kinetic Park, and Trail Campground)

Celebrity flyer Raj Hathiramani battles the wind.

How to GoHere:  When in Swift Current (right on the Trans Canada Hwy) head to Marston Street and 11th Avenue SW on the south side of Swift Current. Or visit the Windscape Website here for complete directions.

Gotta Go?:  Yeah, sorry about your luck…but it’s all porta potties up at the field.  Best bet if you can’t stand them is to go before you head out!

Good to Know:  Did I mention it’s free?  Well, it’s mostly free…there are a few coins needed to be shelled out for tokens for some of the kids activities ($1 each, 12 for $10, or 25 for $20) and a full list of the activities can be found here.  but even if you don’t want to spend a dime – there’s STILL tons to do.

If you give Windscape your email address (they promise not to give it away – they just want to have you in their sites so they can promote next year’s festival to you!) you can get a stack of Windscape coupons here!

Still not convinced?  Watch this video from THINK BIG – and I think, you’ll think again!