Thinking about a quiet get away? Then you have to GoHere to Mammy’s Place. Located in the Ghost Town of Estuary, near the South Saskatchewan River and the Alberta Border is Mammy’s place. A quaint cabin that is just inviting you to turn off the hustle and bustle of the busy world we live in, kick back your feet and listen to the sounds of the countryside around you.

Mammy’s Place belonged to Alice Russell, affectionately known to her family and friends as “Mammy.” She moved to Estuary in 1918, where, with her husband Lawrence, raised their three children. She remained in her beloved little home until her passing in 1996. She was the last living resident of Estuary.

Just a quick trip across the nearby ferry and a jaunt to the East you can spend an enjoyable afternoon at the  art gallery of Dean Francis, a local artist who captures the vibrancy and uniqueness of the river Hills and surrounding area (Read more).

It is also a wonderful excuse to haul in your fishing boat and spend the afternoon trying to reel in your supper for the evening or go birdwatching (read more about GoHere’s Beginning Birding Adventures on the South Saskatchewan River).

Personally, my favourite is just hiking and exploring new vantage points and landscapes. If you are hiking wear proper shoes and remember that during the spring and fall seasons you may come across rattlesnakes leaving/returning to their dens and sunning themselves on the hilltops.

How to Get There/Contact:

Mammy’s place is located 19 km west and 5 km south of Leader.

Your first step is visiting the Mammy’s Place website Once you have made a reservation the owners will provide you with detailed instructions on how to find the place.

You can also call, (306) 628-4446 or (403) 548-1071

For a general overview of the area check out this map.