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You have seen lots of pictures of the Great Sandhills and most likely thought I need to go there.

This unique region features sand dunes 15 to 35 m in height and covers several hectares of land. The dunes are fringed by native prairie trees, shrubs and grasses. The area is also rich in various types of wildlife and is well-known for having one of the largest mule deer and sharptailed grouse populations in the province. For more information visit Great Sandhills and River Routes.   Don’t forget to make time to drive into Leader, enjoy some Ice Cream at the Big 10-4. To cool off and wash the sand out of your ears take a swim Leader’s new swimming pool. The pool has zero depth entrance and a small water slide has now been installed.

Great SandhillsWhat you need to know for your trip:

How to get there:

Visit this map for instructions. There are instructions from Liebenthal and Sceptre.

Most of your amenities are found in  Leader (population 1,000) where Highways 32 and 21 intersect.

What to bring:

(Please remember to take out what you take in)

1) A roll of toilet paper (it is a long ways to the nearest washroom). If you “Gotta Go” you have to go like the an old-fashioned cowboy out on the trail.

2) Take lots of water

3) A zippered purse or bag to put your shoes, keys etc… in. The Sandhills are constantly moving and rolling forward. Many people have been known to lose hats, keys and shoes because they left them at the bottom of a sand dune and when they came back they were covered in sand.

4) CRAZY CARPETS! Go Tobogganing in the Summer!

5) Take your camera, but be careful with it. The sand is extremely fine and will get caught in the cracks and moving parts of the camera. If it is windy outside think twice about taking your camera.

When not to visit:

If it is a windy day I suggest thinking twice about visiting the Great Sandhills. The sand is extremely fine and blows easily. You will most likely end up cutting your visit short because the sand is irritating your face and eyes.

If it is extremely hot outside make sure you take extra water. It is a desert out there.