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Over the last four years I’ve heard alot about Beaver Flats.  Many I know, have welcomed me to come for a visit, either at the home they live at year-round, or at the cabin they frequent when they want to relax and take a break from the rat race.  I’ve always smiled and nodded, and assured them I would…but the problem was, I had no idea where Beaver Flats was!

So I recently made the effort to seek out Beaver Flats and discover what it’s all about.  And guess what?  It’s awesome!

Located right on the shores of Lake Diefenbaker, The Resort Village of Beaver Flat (not “Flats” like I’ve always referred to it as), is not exactly a tourist destination per se.  But even though it doesn’t have any accommodations or camping available, it still has a very welcoming feel.

While the water hadn’t yet been released from the dam the day we visited, the two small marinas we saw looked liked they would easily be able to service quite a few boats.

They also have a very trust worthy system at the boat launch for those boaters and fisherman who do decide to launch here, and at $20 for the entire fishing season, you really can’t go wrong – especially since they have a brand new launch.

Yet another example of the awesome trust of Saskatchewanians

to drive down (if you’ve seen some of the launches at other lakes, you’ll know that it can often be a bunch of broken concrete, mixed with small paving stones, something that can be a real challenge for your tires).

In addition to the launch, Beaver Flat also has a nice little 9-hole golf course, right next to the lake.  It may only be sand greens – but that just puts you in the right frame of mind to go to the beach – and how awesome are the little beaver markers that show the par of each hole? (I know right?)

And when you’re done – you can head to the general store for an ice cream or cold drink –

– before you head on down to the public beach.

Whether you’re a fisherman looking for a place to get supplies and launch from, a beginner golfer looking for a place to hone your skills, or you’re just looking for someplace uncrowded to enjoy a day at the beach, the Village of Beaver Flat has a quaintness, and a community feel to it that can’t be beat.  (And if you see my friends – tell them, I’ll be back!).

How to Go Here:  If you’re coming from Swift Current, you take the first right into Stewart Valley and follow the road until you see this sign.  This road is gravel – and it’s unfortunately gravel for the rest of your journey  –  but it’s a well maintained gravel if that’s any consolation.

Keep following the signs, (into a valley where you’ll cross a bridge that spans a creek and see some beautiful scenery).  At the intersection  turn left and keep on trucking till you go down the long hill that takes you into the village.

Or you can just follow this map.

Gotta Go?: Ok this one I’m unable to answer.  There may be one in the General Store, or even an outhouse along the golf course, but as neither were open when we were there – I’ll have to update this later.

Good to Know:  Rabbit Hill is a great little B&B that offers accommodation outside of the village.  While not close to the Lake, it still offers a great home base from which to explore the area surrounding the lake.  AND it offers a charming little teahouse and a great dining experience.  Visit them at www.rabbithillteahouse.com to see for yourself.