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I love to get out and explore whatever area I’m living in (hence this blog), and it amazes me when I meet people who live an hour or less away from something and they’ve never even been to see it.  If nothing else, I think they should have it on their “To Do” list.  (Everyone has one of these for places they want to go right?  I can’t be the only one can I?).  

That love of exploring is why I’ve watched the Southwest TV News episodes of Summer in the Southwest each summer ever since I moved to the Southwest in 2008.  Now in it’s 7th year as a regular summertime staple, I sat down to ask the lovely Ms. Carol Andrews, what it is that she gets out of covering events, that often no one outside of the community they’re happening in has heard of?:

“There’s an array of events across the Region throughout the Summer and Summer in the Southwest is a great way to get out and meet our fans and community members from across the Region,” says Carol.  “Each community has an interesting story to tell and the people are always so gracious in hosting our crew when we arrive. Over the year’s we’ve covered Polka Festivals, Rodeos, and Fairs from the Taste of Maple Creek to Mortlach’s Saskatoon Berry Festival which have tempted both our tastebuds and our waistlines. We’ve passed out thousands of pounds of candy at various parades and have met some great people from around the world, experiencing a long list of cherished memories along the way.”

If you’ve never seen this feature – here’s one from last year on the new Observatory that opened in the Cypress Hills:



Look for Carol if you’re out and about this summer at any of the events listed below (more will soon be added) -and don’t forget to say Hi Carol! (And possibly get on TV!).  She looks forward to seeing you! (Pssst…and if you’ve got an event that you’d like them to cover – be sure to let me know and I’ll pass it on!).        

Summer in the Southwest 2012

 “Innovation Credit Union’s Picnic in the Park”  (June 3)

“Market Square” (June16)

“Speedy Creek Soap Box Races”  (June17)

“Long Days Night/ Windscape Kite Festivals (June 21-24)

“Shaunavon Boomtown Days” (July 20-22)

“Swift Current Drag Racing” (August 11-12)

Good to Know:  If you want a quick way to check out this year’s Summer in the Southwest – just click on the link that can be found at the top of our blog…you’re welcome!  We’re here to help!