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I have a confession to make. I have just spent the last hour listening to the music of this guy ….

… his name is Scott Wood. He had done a fabulous job of distracting me from crossing a number of items off of my to-do list this evening.  I suppose that is the danger of  creating of a website that focuses on events, and destinations happening in and around Southwest Saskatchewan,  I end up becoming interested in events and places that I maybe wouldn’t have noticed before.

Canadian Fiddle Champion Scott Woods & his band honour fiddle legends such as Don Messer, Al Cherny, Graham Townsend, Ward Allen, and King Ganam.

The show is on Monday June 4, 2012 at 7 pm at the Royal Canadian Legion downtown in Swift Current. Tickets at the Legion or call 1-855-726-8896.

I couldn’t embed the YouTube clip, but visit www.scottwoods.ca to listen to some of his stuff.  This is where I make my second confession of the evening. I have a bit of a crush on old-time music players. It always brings back memories of sitting around my Grandpa’s Kitchen table with the radio playing in the background. My toes get tapping, I start clapping and eventually succumb to my husband dragging me to the dance floor.

I don’t know if there will be dancing at the Legion, but I sure hope so.

Good to know:

All of Scott Wood’s concerts are fundraisers for churches, charities and other important community organizations.

How to get there:

The legion is located in downtown Swift Current just South of the memorial gardens and north of City Hall. When you are driving downtown be careful of the one way streets. Central is the one-way heading North and Chaplin runs West and  Cheadle run East.

The Legion is located one block east of Central and there is a larger parking lot located to the North of the building.

Take a quick peak at this map.

Gotta go?

The stalls at the legion are just like any typical venue washroom. They are aging but clean.


Tickets are available at the Legion or call 1-855-726-8896.