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The winter months are a dark dreary period for the residents of Leader and surrounding area. Why? Simply because the Big 10-4, the drive-up ice cream, burger and pizza place is closed.

In late April, the town was rumbling. The curtains had been drawn and the building, on the corner of Highway 32 and Highway 21, was covered in a new coat of blue and white paint.

The following photos are from a photo shoot I did last summer. We thought it was a perfect excuse to stop and enjoy some ice cream. But, no one really needs an excuse.

My Favourites:

  • Rum and Butter Milkshake
  • Almond Mocha Rocha Frescante
  • Cookies and Cream Twister
  • Roast Beef Pizza (tastes just like beef on a bun, but in pizza form)
  • Any of their rotating hard ice cream flavours

If you are driving through and don’t have much time to stop just call (306)628-4303 and they will have your food order ready for you when you get there.

Gotta Go? 

Just ask your server at the window for a key. The washrooms are clean.  They are just a little run down.

Enjoy your ice cream!